Friday, January 24, 2014

Vintage Revival Quilt Blocks

I started my first sew along of the year with Sukie. We are sewing the blocks from the Vintage Revival  Quilt book. We are sewing 2 blocks a week for 10 weeks and then putting the blocks together to make a quilt. Here are my 1st two blocks. The top purple block is the classic tea leaf block and the bottom green one is the the classic double Z block. My fabric choices are from my scrap basket paired up with Kona white. I have decided that I have more scraps than I will ever use so I am on a mission to use them and this is the perfect project. I have been making several projects with the never ending scrap basket and I will post again shortly with the finished projects.


  1. These are so fun! I love that you kept each block in one color family! : )

  2. How big are you making the blocks? I see that you added sashing to them. Love it!

    1. They end up 14x14 and I plan on just sewing them together to form my quilt top.

  3. Have fun with the scrappy blocks! Sometimes, that is the most fun.

  4. I love scrappy! They look great!