Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekender Bag take 2

Yet another scrappy project, the Amy Butler weekender bag. I made one in November and it ended up being a Christmas gift for my best friend Becca. I was originally going to keep the first one and make her one but as you know the holidays creep up and I ran out of time, so she got the first one. She loved it. As you know the first time you follow a pattern you do everything in order and whatever it says you do it, but the whole time  you are thinking to yourself if I ever do this pattern again I am going to do it this way, I am going to change this and so on. Well here is bag number 2 and although I think the improvements are good there are still some things I would change if I ever attempt this bag again. I am so tempted to give the pattern away so I will never be tempted to do it again, but the little devil inside of me says third times a charm. So we'll see.........


  1. This bag is BEAUTIFUL MY MARY!! Wow!!

  2. So beautiful, I would love to know what you did differently I don't have the pattern, but I myself always change things in patterns so it would be fun to hear what you did differently?

    1. Mara

      the second time around I did the quilt as you go method and I used a different interfacing than the original pattern called for. When I do it gain I will also quilt the part with the zipper. I am so picky lol