Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I set up this last weekend at The Riverfront Art Festival.It was held at Genoa Park in Downtown Columbus.I had been working right up to the show,trying to get plenty of merchendise made.I was so happy when I set up my booth display and had enough to fill it all up with my colorful creations.
Check out my Panda bags.They are my Newest bag.Tons of people were giving compliments to them and my New Geisha Purses.
The last pic is of me putting out my New Zippy pouches with fun charectors.

My Husband J shared a booth Saturday at Independents' Day in downtown Columbus.He put out my Decorative Wall Hangings,my Awesome Guitars,hand made books and journals and of course my Bags,Purses and Zippys.He said the event brought a fun crowd.I took the walk up Broad Street to surprise my husband and to say Hi to all the vendors I knew there.It was really more my kind of crowd, I wished I could have stayed.

And then it rained on Sunday and washed the customers away :o(
It gave me a chance to walk around with my new umbrella.(My husband bought it for me on his way to the show) I spent time talking to other vendors, and we had alot to talk about.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Trying to eat healthy.
I've also been going back to the gym.
Not as much as I would like though.

I made a few things for myself.Of course if I have it my girls want it to. I have to make one for each of them to.
I made these bleach tie dyed jeans like the ones I had in the 80's.

and i've been trying to stay focused and get a bunch of stuff made for my upcoming shows.I am actually very motivated right know and came up with even more NEW designs.
I'll take some picks SOON. Stop back and check them out :0)