Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My daughter made a covered wagon.It was for her class project in school.I was pretty busy the day she worked on it so her big sister assisted her.When she brought it home she left it sitting out.Sure enough that troublesome Crafty Cat found a way to get inside the wagon and get comfy.Can you believe it???
Theres more.........

Crafty Cat has influenced the Gray Wonder, who thinks it's o.k. to take a nap in the wagon.As you can see the project was made out of paper and cardboard,therefore with the weight added has given it a flat tire :0)

Tune in next time for more adventures of Crafty Cat ........... ♥♥♥

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am starting a section in my Etsy shop to clear out some inventory.I am going to add reduced priced items so I can start creating all new stuff :0)
I will be adding more items daily, Stop and SAVE.
Have a GREAT DAY !!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

*** MMD OPen House ***
Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of my openhouse.As I always say,"It's always a surprise who shows up to these things".Two of my good friends were here, as well as a vendor friend I met this year,my daughters teacher,my husbands coworker,and a few other random people.And they all came at different points in the day,which was nice because I was able to have nice conversations with each of them :0) Some times it seems like you get busy all at once.I had a little time in between guests and worked on sorting my gift closet.The holiday is getting closer and closer.Time to start wrapping BLAH !!!!
Wish me luck today !!!!!!!
Oh yeah,this cute zippy can be found in my etsy shop

Happy Holidays !!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

*** Annual Open House tomorrow ***

And I am not getting enough done.I NEED to clean,set up my display,cook and bake cookies.Blahhhh,I know its worth the effort but it seems like a lot of work.
I already disassembled my sewing area and took it down to my room,set up the christmas tree(I do need to put up some more festive decorations),and did some surface cleaning.
I can't wait to see who all shows up.Its always a surprise !!!
I sent out a bunch of my new postcards for my invitations.I invite some of the artist and customers that I have met at shows,people I see on a regular basis,long time friends and a few other people I have had contact with but never met in person.I hope I remembered everyone ??
It's nice to invite them into my home/studio and visit with them during this time of year.I have a few of my newest designs made up.I'm sure they will be a hit.
Wish Me Luck !!!!!