Friday, October 11, 2013

Zakka Along Week 19 Prettified Pincushion

I can't believe it's the last week of the Sew Along. How did the last 19 weeks fly by so quickly ?  I have enjoyed every minute of it, even if of a couple of the projects frustrated me. I have learned a few new tricks and I feel a sense of accomplishment that I completed all 19 projects.
 Thank you Lindsey and Debbie for hosting a great sew along.
I am so happy that I have quite a few gifts made for Christmas. The 2 quilts have already found new homes. One was a birthday gift for a  friend and the 2nd one was a wedding present for a couple who appreciate a handmade gift. I only kept 2 projects for myself, the cafe apron and the large drawstring shopping bag. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Zakka Along Week 18 Sweet Trips Pillow

Ok, so once again I struggled with the little pieces. I had planned on making the front of the embroidery pouch  and then turn it into a mug rug. However, I was unsuccessful with the little pieces. At 10pm I asked my husband to take me to Kinkos so I could copy the pattern at 400%. I made the patchwork portion of the pattern and turned it into a pillow instead. I was able to use my mad piping skills, I learned from the 1st Zakka Sew Along, to create the pillow. The back of the pillow was made with scraps I had left from the front. All in all, I am pretty pleased with the outcome. As you can see my little Tofurky (the kitten) liked it too. He couldn't help but pose for the pics. He must have been jealous of the bunny.