Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vintage Quilt Revival Blocks Week 9

                                                                         Mosaic #9

                                                               Star and Pin Wheel

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Vintage Quilt Revival Blocks Week 8

                                                               Cross and Crown
                                             Cross and Crown

Double Windmill

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Vintage Quilt Revival Blocks Week 5

Week 5 I'm halfway through 10 more blocks to go! The top block is called Red Cross. I know I made them yellow but I have to spread the colors so thats what I came up with. The bottom block is the Rolling Squares block. I laid all the blocks out so far and I think this is going to be one gorgeous quilt when I get done. The colors are so vivid against the white background. This is going to be a special gift for a special girl in my life, I hope she likes it.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Vintage Quilt Revival Blocks Week 4

Week 4 : Moving right along.  The top block  is the Riviera block. I have had the floral fabric I used in the middle and the border for so long and every time I went through my stash I thought to myself, why do I have this fabric? I think I have always liked it because of its bold colorful busy- ness. I could never find anything to go with it so I have had it for a long long time. I found the perfect fit with this block and am delighted with the outcome.
The bottom block is the Dakota Star. This one is made with a vintage fabric. I love this block and wouldn't mind making a whole quilt of this one.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Vintage Quilt Revival Blocks 3

Week 3 I worked on the Classic Art square block (above) and  Classic dove at the window block (below)

Vintage Quilt Revival Blocks 2

Week 2 just flew by and while I got my blocks done on time I didn't get this post up so for week 2
I made  the Classic diamond panes block (red and yellow) and the Classic mosaic no.19 block (pinks). I enjoyed making them both.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Quickie Valentine Swap

This is a  basket and mug rug I  made  for my quickie valentine swap partner. It's been sent but I had to mail it out of the country. I sure hope it makes it there by valentines day! Hope you like it partner, it was a lot of fun to make it for you.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekender Bag take 2

Yet another scrappy project, the Amy Butler weekender bag. I made one in November and it ended up being a Christmas gift for my best friend Becca. I was originally going to keep the first one and make her one but as you know the holidays creep up and I ran out of time, so she got the first one. She loved it. As you know the first time you follow a pattern you do everything in order and whatever it says you do it, but the whole time  you are thinking to yourself if I ever do this pattern again I am going to do it this way, I am going to change this and so on. Well here is bag number 2 and although I think the improvements are good there are still some things I would change if I ever attempt this bag again. I am so tempted to give the pattern away so I will never be tempted to do it again, but the little devil inside of me says third times a charm. So we'll see.........

Fabric Baskets

As I mentioned in my other post I have been making things with the never ending scrap basket so here is another project I made with scraps, I had so much fun with the first one I whipped up 3 more. These adorable fabric baskets were a easy quick project. I think its quite addictive, and putting the colors together was a lot of fun.

Vintage Revival Quilt Blocks

I started my first sew along of the year with Sukie. We are sewing the blocks from the Vintage Revival  Quilt book. We are sewing 2 blocks a week for 10 weeks and then putting the blocks together to make a quilt. Here are my 1st two blocks. The top purple block is the classic tea leaf block and the bottom green one is the the classic double Z block. My fabric choices are from my scrap basket paired up with Kona white. I have decided that I have more scraps than I will ever use so I am on a mission to use them and this is the perfect project. I have been making several projects with the never ending scrap basket and I will post again shortly with the finished projects.