Thursday, July 19, 2012

Zakka Style Sew Along weeks 6 thru 10


Well, well, well, imagine that.
I got side tracked and forgot to  make another blog post .
Week 6 of the Zakka Sew-A-Long was these tiny quilt magnets. I am you telling you what, this project was difficult. I am not really great with tiny sewing projects, so  I was very happy when it was done.
Week 7 was a mug rug. I have to say I  never even  heard of a mug rug, but I own one now. I can use it when I drink my tea. :)
Week 8 was the block quilt. Surprisingly I have never made a quilt before.  I found it to be fun and will probably catch the quilting bug sooner than later. lol
Week 9 was the Stem messenger bag. I have made many messenger bags in my lifetime so I didn't find this to be a challenge, but I did like the pattern and have made a few more as gifts.
Week 10 was this great zipper organizer wallet type thing. I like everything about it except actually making it, HA. There were so many steps to the pattern and it also had some hand sewing involved.  As much as I complained about it, I have made 5 of them. And  before the year is over, probably more to come. :)
Well that's it for this blog post. The next 5 I promise to post sooner than the last time.

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