Thursday, July 12, 2012

Zakka sew along First 5

Well hello again. I promised I would blog about the Zakka Sew Along and since we are already on week 15, I decided to put up 5 projects per day for 3 days so I could get you all caught up.
Week 1 was a zig zag tote. I actually started on week 2 but I went back and did the first project, which I might add was a challenge.
Week 2 was a house pouch. It was fun and easy and since my friend Julia, ( ) is the project designer, I was very happy to do her project.
Week 3 was a pin cushion and as easy as you may think it was. I had a difficult time with this, but in the end I think it turned out good.
Week 4 was the sewing kit. I had so much fun with this project I even made another for a friend of mine. I am finally getting to use fabric that I bought to make me stuff with , but never had the time. I love this little sewing kit and I use it all the time.
Week 5 was probably the most challenging and I can say I almost gave up. It was a patchwork pencil case and I had to start over 3 times. If I didn't get it the 3rd time around I wasn't ever going to. Alas, I finished and I guess the 3rd time is a charm. lol
Ok so tomorrow or the next day be on the look out for my next 5 items.
mary moon

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