Sunday, August 7, 2011

It was so dang hot out last month !
I finally caved in about three weeks ago and turned the air conditioning on in the house . I prefer hot temperatures over cold any day but I had enough. Not only do we have a large family but they bring in friends and our home gets really hot. It was no longer tolerable and everyone was miserable so I knew it was time.
I was ready to turn the air back off this past week since it hasn't been quite as warm out. I heard nothing but protest from the family. "They like the air on"
I actually have been chilled and would prefer to open the windows back up.
So I set up a table along with some of my supplies and the sewing machine and have been working outside in the sun.

My crafty cat came out to join me one rainy day when I had to work in the garage. Although crafty cat is supposed to be indoors and should not be laying in the middle of my work. It was nice of him to visit :)

I bought a plastic storage container and filled it with sand and shells. When Little B comes over she can play while I work. She tells everyone she's at the beach and wants them to "go to the beach and play with her". I pull the beach into the garage when she's not at her Lolas house and put the cover on so it doesn't become a liter box.

I hope your having a great summer !
It sure is flying by.

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