Friday, July 29, 2011

I was in the Barnes and Nobles at Easton the other day and saw one of my bags.
We were shopping around the store when my husband was calling my name and pointing.
I thought he was pointing at a book or something and totally didn't notice that the girl nearby me had one of my large tote bags with a deer applique. By the time I figured out what he was talking about she was on the other side of the store. But I am proud to say I saw it.
I find that to be the greatest compliment to my work, seeing my bags and purses in a public place when I least expect it. Whether it be at a restraunt, the grocery store, the library or at the mall. It is awesome.
During this years Comfest weekend I spotted a Mary Moon bag at least seven or eight times. A few of them stopped in for a visit and to shop.
Since I sell my work at shows and festivals it's not the most unlikely place to spot one of my creations but seeing someone walking down High Street with one on their arm is a pleasent surprise.
Thank you to all who have supported me and my business over the years I look forward to seeing you again.


  1. We saw a Mary Moon bag spotting @ the Donato's in Clintonville a few months back. lol, Dylan was like OMG, OMG-look!! It was cute! :D

  2. That's the next best compliment. When someone else sees a purse and they know it's a Mary Moon.
    That Dylan is so smart :o)