Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My youngest daughter had a birthday party,she will turn 8 later this month. She invited 7 of her best pals to the Columbus Museum of Art, her favorite place to go.We went for the Doodles Project that they offer on Saturdays.We had sooo much fun and even the adults made one. Isn't her whale CUTE :0)

We have been going to the CMA since she was 3.Her room is full of various art projects she has done over the years.I hope for her to have her very own show in a museum someday,I will be her biggest fan !!!!


  1. How cute! It's been ages since I've taken my kids to the art museum. My daughter is eight as well...do I smell a westerville playdate in the making? LOL. Looking forward to your fun bday soon too :-)

  2. You mean a playdate for the big kids or the little ones?LOL!!!