Friday, January 30, 2009

Crafty Cat takes a nap,On my ironing board ???

Thanks for tuning in for the new adventure of Crafty Cat.

I was planning on doing some ironing today.I have a small stack of bag panels that need ironed before I assemble them.Hard task to do when theres a cat sleeping on your work space.I thought I may go ahead and heat up the iron and if the cats tail gets in the way C.C. will have a flat black tail.:0)
Take a look at the shadows on my star and moon wall.The shadow by the moon is actually a bird.I sat patiently trying to take a picture were you could actually see the shadow of the bird.Problem is they moved way to quick.It was impossible to capture.
We have a tree outside our window that has a bunch of berries on it.The berries have recently attracted a ton of birds.
It has been driving my cats CRAZY.They have been watching the birds bounce around the tree and they hop around the window like they want to go after them.Only it's to cold out and they won't even go outside.The WIMPS !!!!


  1. I have only had one of the kitty s jump on the ironing board, and they managed to flip it over, never happened again.


  2. That's happened here before too but I guess they haven't learned their lesson yet hahhah!