Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week 15 I had troubles, pencil case

Did anyone else have troubles with this pencil case? I started by making the tiny pencil points with the paper piecing method. That in itself was quite the challenge with all the tiny sewing. I was pretty doggone proud of myself for just accomplishing that until it came time to sew them together. Needless to say, the little pieces are still there but not on the bag, as you can see. I did the best I could in the 3 hours I spent working on this pouch. I can make a pencil bag in my sleep but this one, well, it is what it is. I envy the people who are able to complete this project. I do think it looks nice even if it doesn't have the pencil points. With these projects I think I have found, the bigger the better, for me anyways. I seem to have trouble with the smaller projects.
Happy sewing...till next week.


  1. Mary,
    I agree with you. I really worked very slowly and carefully....tried to follow the instructions to the 'T' and my case still looks like a rookie did it. I asked advice from a more seasoned seamstress, so I may try to do it again for my grandson.
    I found that her tab instructions weren't that clear either. Did you have any trouble with that? I ended up using instructions from another pouch that I had made. In the end, this pouch did not come out to the size that it should have and it doesn't look that great. :(

  2. Yes, those tiny pieces were very challenging! I was kicking myself for not enlarging the pattern. I managed, but struggled.